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Some Online Gun Stores Let you buy and then let you do all the work to find the FFL and ship your product. Some have people that sometimes answer the phone. We will strive to provide you with EXCEPTIONAL customer service. Helping you through all phases of the Gun ownership experience. Whether it be helping you select the best weapon, where to ship it, or assistance with warranty. Go it alone and buy from somewhere else or choose That! Gun Shop and get GREAT customer Service.


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When it comes to shopping online, most hunters and shooters think of buying gear, clothing, or ammo. The fact is, you can buy guns online, as well. Below are some tips on buying a gun.

Buying Guns Online is Perfectly Legal

All weapon sales on this site are fully legal and regulated. Federal laws are followed throughout; the guns for sale must be shipped, then it must be shipped to a Federal Firearms License (FFL) holder. Before a gun is released to the buyer, the required background checks are done by the receiving FFL holder. The FFL holder will often charge a small fee for this service.

This site offers guns and weapons from a licensed dealer. This is not a Guns Auction or Classified site.

About That Gun Shop

With the internet a popular place for shopping, many gun enthusiasts have wondered if they should buy guns online. There are several advantages to this process of gun shopping, all keeping in mind standard gun safety and legality while still providing a convenient and efficient shopping experience. At That Gun Shop, you can be assured that the finest selection and prices are offered in one convenient shopping stop, all with a secure internet framework for a hassle free, easy weapons shopping experience. This combination of security and selection is an excellent reason to buy guns online.

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Wide Variety of High Quality, Priced Cheap, Guns For Sale Online

The first benefit of looking to buy guns for sale online is the selection and variety available. While a local gun shop may offer only a few models or have a particular specialty in a particular type of weapon, our store has no such restrictions and can offer an array of weapons for selection and purchase. With digital shopping, you can peruse many styles, models, and types of guns from handguns to semi-automatic weapons to light pistols. Whether you are looking for a revolver or a Glock, or a variety of gun related accessories such as holsters and care equipment, a one stop online shop can save you hours of time and grant you exposure to weapons you may not have previously considered for your target shooting, home defense, or hunting. Instead of visiting several local gun shops, shopping online lets you purchase products easily and quickly from one locale.

How That! Gun Shop Does This

How can an online gun shop like That Gun Shop do this? Simply, That Gun Shop is connected with the largest firearms industry distributors in the U.S.A, allowing us the ability to offer a wider range of guns for sale online than many of our single source competitors. Purchasing online allows you to have your items legally and readily available from one shop after your purchase from the wider online selection. It is important to note that shopping online does not eliminate federal and state weapons laws either and that you can be assured your shopping experience will follow necessary laws and requirements for safety Buy Guns at a Low Price.

Another benefit of looking to buy guns online is price. The competitiveness of the online market means that online shopping can provide excellent deals from shops that, otherwise, might be more expensive. The need to be competitive can keep prices reasonable and affordable for gun enthusiasts, allowing them to expand their collections affordably, an important consideration given the cost of many weapons. While looking at your local shop can provide a hands-on experience, the lower prices on the internet may allow you to pursue your gun hobby more avidly and with less out of pocket cost. For some of the best, cheapest prices and broad selection available, That Gun Shop provides a one stop location to buy guns online cheaper than a typical retail gun store. New and Used Guns For Sale Some seldom buy guns brand-new: You can usually find a used gun for sale just as good, for less, in most cases.

Don’t buy a gun unless it meets one or both of the following conditions: because most online gun sales are final and not subject to return you should be sure of your purchase and be aware that you will need to pass any requirements required to take ownership of a firearm in your state. You’ll never lose if you follow this line of thought, and you won’t over-pay.