How to Buy Pistols Online

When you want to buy pistols online from a reputable dealer, it is important to know and understand the rules. Buying guns online is legal, but there are a few stipulations put in place for the safety of all parties involved with the sale. At That Gun Shop, you are purchasing firearms from a legitimate Federal Firearms License (FFL) dealer. We are not a classified or auction site. We follow Federal laws to ensure that the rules are strictly adhered to.

When you buy firearms from an online dealer, you receive not only the guarantee of a quality weapon, but you will also receive the proper authorization and background checks for your state, and exceptional customer service and support for your purchase. All of our weapon sales are shipped to a FFL holder. Before the gun is released to you, the required background checks are done by the FFL holder for a small fee.

These regulations are put in place to help keep guns in the hands of qualified enthusiasts and away from misuse and criminals. Following the law ensures that you will get your weapon and keep it legally without interference. This is why it is so important to buy pistols online from a place like That Gun Shop.

Why You Should Buy Pistols Online from That Gun Shop

Buying weapons comes with many responsibilities and steps that must be taken to ensure everyone’s safety. Many local shops can service your needs, but purchasing firearms online is a second option. We offer great customer service, helping you through all phases of the process. Regardless of whether you are a target enthusiast looking for new weapons to try, a hunter looking to expand your rifle collection or a gun enthusiast looking for better home defense options, you have several decisions to make. We can help you choose which weapon is right for you, as well as where to ship it; we can also assist with warranty considerations.

Other sites may seem like a good idea at first, but there is little quality control over the weapons you could receive, and they are loosely regulated. You want to be sure you receive what you paid for, and ensure it is a quality product that supports your state laws for firearm purchase and use.

With the Internet being so popular for shopping these days, many gun enthusiasts wonder if they should buy guns online safely and legally. The answer is Yes! That Gun Shop offers a convenient and efficient shopping experience, and you can rest assured that the finest selection and prices are available in a single site shopping stop. We offer a hassle free, easy weapons shopping experience along with security and variety. These are great reasons to buy pistols online from That Gun Shop!