AR 15 For Sale

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If you are looking for an AR 15 for sale, you may have several questions about what makes this particular rifle a good buying option – or even if it is a good buying option for you.  While many enthusiasts are interested in the AR 15,  this specialty weapon is best used for specific purposes and is not for everyday gun enthusiasts and casual shooters.  Before you begin searching for an AR 15 for sale, consider what purpose you will need this weapon for and if it fits your needs. At That Gun Shop, we are committed to offering a wide variety of weapons and a selection of accessories to fit every shooting style so whether or not the AR 15 is for you, you can find a gun that will suit your needs and abilities.




AR15’s Have a Lot of Options

When considering an AR 15 for sale, you need to consider what you will be using your gun for.  With the AR 15 becoming extremely popular in the defense market due its reliability and customizability, many gun enthusiasts are considering purchasing one due to its power and popularity.  The AR 15, however, is not your typical hand gun or rifle. Manufactured by Colt, the AR 15 is the civilian model of the military’s M 16, a powerful automatic rifle with a light carrying load and tremendous power and flexibility.  While the AR 15 has been altered with a different bolt carrier and internal lower receiver to maintain its status as a semi-automatic rather than an automatic weapon, part of the popularity of the gun is its retained power and changeable components.  This makes an AR 15 ideal for law enforcement work or heavy hunting, but also makes the gun extremely powerful for home defense and, thus, not necessarily suitable for all shooters.

Not For Inexperienced Shooters

Beginning shooters, in particular, are likely better off with a good, solid quality pistol that can be used for target shooting and has fewer chances of technical difficulties.  Pistols like a Glock are milled specifically with fewer parts to avoid potential technical errors. Particularly for an inexperienced shooter, a malfunctioning gun in a time of need or crisis can be more dangerous than no weapon at all. If you are searching for an AR 15 for sale, you should already be an experienced shooter who is in need of the speed, customizability, and firepower that the AR 15 offers.  With customizable barrels, stocks, sites, and several other components, the AR 15 is a modular gun that allows shooters to improve balance and aim with a variety of add-ons. The reliability of the weapons, given all of this, makes it an additional favorite for law enforcement agents who require a heavy duty weapon in dangerous situations.  If you are looking for an AR 15 for sale, or a smaller gun to start your shooting hobby, That Gun Shop can help guide you to the right gun for you.