Shotguns: Just the Basics

Shotguns are great for hunting and competition, but the variety of available ammunition and shotgun types can make it confusing for a good purchase. That Gun Shop offers exceptional customer service to help you choose the type of shotgun you want for your intended purpose. Plus, we help you find an FFL holder to ship to so you can legally acquire your firearm after the background check.

Types of Shotguns

A single shot shotgun only holds one shell at a time. This means you have to reload the firearm between every shot. A pump-action shotgun means you pump the slide after every shot to load another round into the chamber. An auto-loader shotgun, or semi-automatic, allows you to pull the trigger, and it does the rest.

A double-barrel shotgun comes as an over-under or side-by-side barrel options. There is also a difference in barrel length which affects the handling capabilities of the shotgun. In addition, they are generally able to shoot two types of ammunition: single large pellets called “slugs,” which make the shotgun act a bit like a rifle, and shells full of smaller pellets called “shot,” which is useful for hitting small and moving targets.

How to Choose a Shotgun

First you need to determine your dominant eye. This lets you know if you should purchase a right or left-handed shotgun. Secondly, you want to determine your budget for your firearm purchase. This will also determine which type of shotgun you will buy. Third, start shopping at stores with a large selection of firearms. You will want to find a shotgun that fits you and shoulders nicely. In other words, you want one that is comfortable to hold and aim.

Purchasing a Shotgun Online<

Purchasing firearms online is legal and safe when your purchase from an FFL dealer. Sometimes you can get better pricing online for shotguns than you can at brick-and-mortar stores. That Gun Shop follows all federal laws when selling you a firearm to ensure the safety of all parties involved in the sale. We also only ship to FFL holders in your state, so your state laws are followed upon pick up of the firearm, be it the federal background check or any state-mandated wait times. Purchasing online simply means that you get the convenience of shopping online and the benefits of the best prices.

By purchasing a firearm through us, you get the assurance that you are buying a quality and legitimate shotgun. You can be sure it was not used in a crime, and that it is not stolen property. You can also be sure that your new shotgun stays out of the hands of criminals, and that you legally own it with our reciprocity with other FFL dealers. Now you know the types of shotguns available.