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Laura Harrison – of Arizona



Enter to win this Smith & Wesson M&P15  We’ll ship it to your local FFL Dealer (where ever it’s legal) Read the full rules for complete details.

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You can Win this Smith & Wesson M&P 15 (AR15 Style)!

We are opening a new store and online store and we need your help to let people know.

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Win an AR15 MSRP $839.

You can only enter once, but you can earn more entries when you refer friends through facebook, twitter, or Google +.  After you enter you will receive a custom link to send to post in social media.  When your friends enter the contest through your link, you will get additional entries and improve your chance of winning!

See the official rules link below for complete details.

Model M&P15 Sport™ - 10 Round Magazine, Fixed Stock

The price is $839.00 *

*Suggested Retail

  • SKU:811037
  • Model:M&P15 Sport™
  • Caliber:5.56 mm NATO
  • Capacity:10 Rounds
  • Action:Semi-Auto
  • Barrel Length:16" / 40.6 cm
  • Barrel Twist:1 in 9"
  • Front Sight:Adjustable A2 Post
  • Rear Sight:Magpul® Folding MBUS
  • Overall Length:35" / 88.9 cm
  • Stock:Fixed
  • Weight:6.5 lbs. / 2,948.4 g
  • Barrel Material:4140 Steel
  • Receiver Material:7075 T6 Aluminum
  • Receiver Finish:Hard Coat Black Anodized
  • Chromed Components:Gas Key, Bolt Carrier
  • Purpose:Competitive Recreational Professional / Duty Home Protection Hunting

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Lastly – You should know we are a Licensed FFL – You can Verify our license here:  Our License Number is: 1-59-069-01-6G-28972

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  1. SD Wheeler

    Great giveaway and hope you get the store open successfully! Thanks for the prize!

  2. Tom Curtis

    I’ve never owned an AR-15, and I’ll look forward to winning this one ! Also, I’ll look forward to visiting your new store !

  3. Rodger Daniels

    I cam almost feel that Sweet Thing in my arm’s already!

  4. Robert Jacobus

    I have shot guns before but never owned one yet!!! I would love to have this AR-15 as my first!!!!!

  5. Ty Reynolds

    This is an amazing giveaway, on of the best rifles of its kind period. Thank you for the chance.

  6. Dan

    Trying to share the link but it won’t let me. I am doing it from my phone and do not know if that makes a difference. Trying to spread the love.

  7. Ken Knorr

    You should also get an email with the link – that happens once per day..

  8. Tracy

    This has to be, hands down, the best giveaway EVER!! Thanks for the chance!

  9. tommy j eversole

    wow! awesome weapon! Awesome giveaway thank you all for the chance!

  10. Jim Fortini

    Smith & Wesson?? I’d love to have one… Great pieces of craftsmanship….

  11. Ross wilson

    This little girl need friends to play with. And I have some that I know she would enjoy spending time with. Plus I have a nice bed she could have all to her self in the room with all her new little friends. So please let me give her a kind, home to come to.

  12. Zachary Caenepeel

    Always looking for somewhere new to shop, good luck with the online store!

  13. William bright

    My feancey was going to buy me one but I hurt my back and can’t work till the end of the year some time I would really love to win

  14. Kris

    Great giveaway and thank to Discrete Defense Solutions for posting this so I could enter.

  15. Sherri Finch

    That is nice! Good luck with the new store, it’s true… never enough gun shops! :) Will be happy to share!

  16. Perry Chase

    I would love to win this but if I don’t it is still an AWESOME opportunity to have a chance to win thank you.

  17. walter

    I had an AK but never an AR and would love to see which is better

  18. Tim Zimmerman

    great gun. would love to have this. maybe this giveaway will give me the chance to own one.

  19. Steven A. Mckay

    I was issued an M-16 in the Marine corps and I think this Smith and Wesson AR15 would be a great rifle to own.

  20. Roland Armstrong

    It would save a lot of tax payers money as an impeachment device’

  21. James Boozer

    Thanks for the chance to win and good luck with the new store.

  22. Brian Watson

    I would very much like to congratulate you guys on the opening of your new business. I’d be one happy camper if I won that piece of precision hardware!!!!

  23. Michael English

    Great gun giveaway. Hope I get it I need a good Smith & Wesson AR. Hope your stores do very good.

  24. Kelley Turcotte

    Please feel free to send me one of
    those! I would be forever overjoyed!

  25. John

    Thanks for the chance to win.awesome rifle .I carried the m249 Saw when i was in the Marines .

  26. Mdcarter52

    I hope your company does well, like and shared. Good luck to everybody, that’s a good looking rifle.

  27. Joshua Weise

    awesome giveaway, LOVE S&W, and looking forward to POSSIBLE owning one of these , thanks

  28. Donald Meuer

    I have a 223 ar-15 and love it, also have 357 S&W and love it, beside me every night, hard o beat S&W.

  29. Karen Blanchard

    I shot the pine tip branch off the top of a very tall pine tree to my dad’s & brother’s horror of my talent with an ordinary rifle which they couldn’t copy! I’d be honored to have this gun!

  30. Jeff Williams

    Great giveaway. Always looking to add something to the collection. Thanks

  31. shaswna

    My husband has been asking for one for years and this is a great chance for me to have his wish come true.Thanks for the chance to win and good luck with the new store.

  32. bluesstringer

    I honestly do wish you luck with your new business venture, but I can’t say much for a marketing plan that entices a bunch of unwitting drones to go out and post SPAM on gun forums that may well cause problems between the PAYING sponsors and the owners of those sites. Otherwise, best of luck.

  33. Ken Knorr

    We are open right now. The internet sales portion is still being setup however. Thanks!

  34. Ken Knorr

    When you signup it provides it right then. We do follow up emails and reconfirm your share URL in them each time within a day or so.

  35. Alan Layton

    They are very nice rifles carried on in my patrol car. Loved it

  36. Allen L

    Best of luck in your new venture. I’ll definitely give it a post on my site!

  37. James

    Awesome! Never have had one. I like S&W. Thanks for a chance to win one!

  38. dara

    ive entered every AR contest from stripped lowers to full rifles in the last 2 yrs and havent won one yet this one would be nice

  39. Travis Stickels

    Anything for my wife! She wants this one big time! I also hope your store succeeds!

  40. Clark Fenley

    Would enjoy shooting this gun.
    Guns are only as good or as bad as the owner.

  41. Ken Knorr

    The entries item that shows is tied to a cookie on your machine to show it to you automatically when you come back to the page – though it works best to show you the stats from the computer you signed up from. We have noticed that mobile devices show 0 entries at times as well. Your entry is definitely captured however, and anyone that signs up from your URL will definitely give you 3 extra entries. We will see if we can make it easier to see your actual entries for the users that have issues with 0 entries appearing – thankfully this appears to be a small number of people thus far.

  42. David Helms

    This is awesome!! I always wanted an AR but never could afford one. Hope I win this!! Thank you guys!!

  43. Terrence Carlson

    man i like it and would love to win it , ive entered every AR contest from stripped lowers to full rifles in the last 2 yrs and havent won one yet this one would be nice

  44. Juan

    I wish I could see the custom link to share, but I have no Flash plug on this device. Thank you though, for the opportunity to enter and win even if just one entry!

  45. Walt

    Coming to class out your shop, nice to find another dealer close by

  46. jerry

    wish I could afford one but that will never happen thanks for the try

  47. GUY HAYS


  48. Raymond Zuellig

    It is an AWESOME Tool to have . Best of Luck on new opening of GUN STORE!!!

  49. robert tubear wiley

    70 years old and on a fixed income. i have done this so many times it isnt funny and never won anything. thanks for the offer any way.



  51. Gregory Lesniewski

    Just bought on of these! Having a scope mounted this week! Got mine on sale in IN, for under $500; bought 1000 rds to go w/it & 2 extra mags! They are not as expensive as the AR-15!

  52. Ken Knorr

    You should also get a copy of the link in your email.. keep an eye open the emails with your custom link comes out within 24 hours of your entry

  53. Rhuben T. McGee

    When you give away a Smith & Wesson AR-15 you obviously believe in the quality and reliability of a tactical rifle. The Smith & Wesson, you can buy. in my opinion, is the best and most dependable you can own. I spent 40 years in Law Enforcement and knew the one thing that would never fail me was the S&W. Thanks for the opportunity the enter your contest!

  54. lrlineback

    Everyone knows there is nothing cooler than a tattooed grandma. Except of course a tattooed Grandma with an AR-15! I really need to win this!

  55. Virgil Ferguson

    Great gun !!!! Hope you do well with your new store !!!!!

  56. pete

    I am 68yrs. old and a Vietnam veteran and if I were to win this gun it would be a part of history for me.

  57. Noel

    Great gun and very reliable, I used AR during my three deployments in Iraq

  58. John Sircy

    Very nice! Everyone should have an Smith and Wesson , M&P 15!

  59. Mark Kueker

    I cant get this ‘custom sharing button” thing to work!! I click on it and nothing happens. I try to copy and paste the URL from the e-mail and nothing happens!!

  60. Amy

    Write down your link information. Share the post you clicked on with your link as status.

  61. Anthony Eaton

    That’s the sweetest Ar15 I’ve seen! Sure would like to try it out!

  62. Randy Ray

    Beautiful platform, I’ve fired a couple different ones and I’d love to have one, unfortunately I can’t afford one. But hey why not take a chance on the giveaway? Here’s to hopin’.

  63. Roy Savage

    I want one solo bad! I need to start my collection and this one would be perfect! Please pick me!

  64. Joshua Weise

    would LOVE to win this rifle. I have been on a search for the perfect rifle for awhile now. This rifle is a DREAM for me. with three teenagers, its just out of my price range. If I won this it would be a dream come true.

  65. Ken Knorr

    Check your email. Copy the link from your email and share it wherever you like.


    Great give-a-away,great gun, great guys. Great lets do this!

  67. Ken Knorr

    The system tracks the number of entries for your email address and name combination. Did you sign in under a different name / email combination on a different computer? The system keeps full track of all entries for you. I show 34 entries in the system right now for your email address Mike. If you re-login on the form with your name and email address the system will re-update your machines cookie.

  68. MR

    Gun Control Two Hands
    Gun Control Laws are unconstitutional. The Founding Fathers would laugh in the face of these politicians

  69. justin stricker

    i just filled out the form and shared it on facebook and liked your page, but i only see one entry, I will try and share it again, also if I share it every day till the contest is over do i get extra entries. thanks this is an awesome giveaway and I will check out your site. I wish much success with your endevor

  70. Ken Knorr

    Sharing the link itself doesn’t get you extra entries. You get extra entries when others sign up by coming through your link. However people cant come through your link if you don’t share it :)

  71. Karen

    I “click” to get the link but it never highlights for me to copy it, grrr.

  72. John Moore

    I have an M&P-15/22 have put about 8000 rounds down range with it. love it. only problem is find ammo for it at the present time.

  73. Michael Ochampaugh

    Manufacturers , wholesalers and large retailers are will be getting higher prices on a cheep ammo.

  74. james heller

    Very nice gun and very reliable. I would love to own this one. Love the S&W brand.

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  76. Chris

    My dad has one, I’ve shot it and I want my own cause he wont give me his! ROFL! He said I can have it when he dies! Who wants that?! Not me! So, I’d rather win one because all my extra money goes towards my kids! Good luck to all!

  77. Pat Lambert

    Thanks for the opportunity to win this! Shared on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest & Google+!

  78. Michelle W

    I would love to win this. Of course, my hubby would love it just as much as I would. :)

  79. Ken Knorr

    You should also get an email with the link in it try copying it from there.

  80. pam

    Thank You For A Great Giveaway. I Would Love To Win. I Will Enter & Share Daily Until Its Over!! Thank You For Supporting Our Gun Rights!!!

  81. Diane Burrows

    Great bunch of guys at the store. Personal service with a smile. I plan to purchase my next handgun at the store. Good luck in this new endeavor.


    I hope I win! I Liked and shared with all my friends and asked them to like and share too with all their friends and family too!!! Robert Goudin!

  83. Bryan

    Thanks to That ! Gun Shop very nice Gun be great to win !! Good luck everyone > :)

  84. Thomas Bozarth

    I have wanted one all my life but could not afford one. 53 years is a long time to wait. My family comes first. So I will set back and wait. Until I can get one. My father who is 89 and a vet he comes first, and I will take care of him first. He’s my father and he has shown me a lot about guns and hunting through the years.

  85. Mike

    The link won’t work for me so I can’t share it on my FACEBOOK page.

  86. Ken Knorr

    The link should also arrive in an email to you, you can copy it from there. Good luck!

  87. Daniel

    Can never afford one . So maybe I will get lucky . Shared the contest with everybody . It’s cool that we still live in a country where you can win an AR . Good Stuff Guys !

  88. Ty Reynolds

    I want to win obviously. S & W is the best at what they do, plain and simple. But if I don’t win, Gratz to the person who does.

  89. Conrad Kovash

    Would so love to own this. Been drooling over this and others hand guns at the local gun shop

  90. Mary Elizabeth Berry

    Come home to Momma,Baby! Got a nice spot in my gun chest….

  91. Sonya Allstun

    everytime I enter then come back to check and it doesnt show I entered it shows zero entries

  92. Ken Knorr

    Usually this indicates that a different computer (phone perhaps?) was used to initially sign up, so the cookie that remembers who you are is not set on that computer. To set the cookie for this browser and computer, just fill in the form again with the same name and email address. The system will look you up, and set your cookie on that computer too.

  93. Rick

    Be great to own a well sought after ” companion”! Thank you for the chance!!!

  94. alex

    I’ve always wanted a AR15. The harder I work to buy one something always comes up. It would be awesome to be given the opportunity of a life time and win a AR15.

  95. Jessie Garrison

    if I win this I will give it to my baby girl, she has a S&W 40 cal. auto and loves it… shure would be nice if she had a good rifle to go with it :)

  96. jim biggun

    Nice little gun, would be great to win something, sometime !!! GOOD LUCK !! on the new store venture. Will definately be back to see you as spring is around the corner and the Venture troop that i’m an advisor for is anxious to get back outside to the shooting range ! We start them out on 22s and after they prove themselves they can choose anything out of anyones toys that they brought to share that day !!! TOO much fun !!!

  97. Patricia Strickland

    Thank You for the great opportunity to win this!! This pistol packing grandma would love to add this to her household!!!

  98. Trevor

    Met the owners today very friendly and took time for a first time buyer.

  99. carl jenkins

    I love the short ad. This is my first exposure to M&P. Normally I look to other brands when interested in custom design guns. Need I say that my interest has been piqued?


    I hope I win!!! Robert J. Goudin,Eustis ,FL. 352-552-2995 cell#

  101. Daniel Sizemore

    Thanks for the chance to win I would love to have this gun but its out of my price range right now

  102. richard roy

    guns are good. free ones are better. would be nice to win. then me and my son will both carry ARs.

  103. Gregory A Fauls

    i have Smith & wesson as my favorite friends. I would love to have a AR15 to go with my pistols.

  104. Aaron W.

    I hope to win, I am rebuilding my collection in poverty that caused me to sell it in the first place, used to own, M1 Carbine(National Postal Meter), SPAS-12(fixed stock), an FN-FAL (7.62 NATO/.308), Glock 21(gen1), an early Kahr 9MM, Makarov in .380, Calico Liberty 50 9MM carbine, Remington 870 Wingmaster (with LE only folding stock and 3 round mag tube Ext.) , an SKS-D Sporter (it used AK mags stock), and an M44 Mosin-Nagant Carbine, sold them all. I currently own a Bryco-Jennings 59 9MM (house gun only), and a Norinco SKS, soon a Taurus PT140 Millennium G2 will join those and become my carry gun after I get my CWP/CCW. How the mighty have fallen.

  105. Kelly Plehn

    I would love to win, but it won’t let me share. I love guns. I have s springfield, ruger 22lr. and I need another one or more to my collection.

  106. Ken Knorr

    You can share the link from your email as well – sometimes certain phones (or other devices) will not let you click to share the link. The one in the email works just fine though. Thanks!

  107. Arthur romo

    I spent 8 months over seas..I miss my old battle rifle.. Would love to hold one in my hands again….

  108. Ronnie L Blankenship

    Had a few people wanting to trade me AR 15 But was not to sure about them. But yes I would love to try out one..

  109. Phylis

    I would like to win it to give to my boyfriend. He sure wants one. If I give this to him, maybe he will finish remodeling my bathroom. Nice trade, huh?

  110. Mario Rodriguez

    I have an Sig p250 9mm I always have a great time at the range with it. Now an AR would be nice to go there with my friends to show them my skills lol .

  111. David Newburn

    do not have big cal. gun….i need one to protect the family.. (wounded unemployed vet).. this would be a god send.. :))

  112. kristopher ray

    I would love to actually win something for once in my life and I couldn’t think of a better thing ta win in this world;)

  113. robert

    hope to win would be like a little kid in a candy store thnks for the opportunity and chance to win

  114. Bruce Werner

    I have a S&W MP-15-22. Would love to have its big brother.

  115. Jason Bailey

    Thanks for the chance at winning this AR I’ve never won a contest but have entered a lot of them

  116. wayne

    Never owed one but always wanted I’ve always had the 7.62×39 guns

  117. Michael plybon

    Nice weapon. Like to have it. I have never won anything in a drawing. Might get lucky.

  118. brian snow

    Might get lucky. Have spent hundreds on raffles over the years and never not once won anything. At least this time its free .good luck everyone.

  119. L. Michele Underwood

    I’m a single momma that shoots with her sons. They are now 16, 18, and 21. I’d love to add this to our collection.

  120. Forrest Alley

    I have shot the M&P, very nice rifle, lightweight, on target at 250 yards, I have nothing bad to say about the S&W, M&P, AR-15, in 556-223 M4 style .

  121. James Turner

    Registered and liked on Facebook.Hope to win it.

  122. Samantha

    This would be an amazing addition to my collection!!!

  123. mike iannotti

    Never have had one would like to after my son and I went and he seen one and wanted it

  124. Daniel Sulliven

    i checked the box… dont forget to let me know that i won!!!

  125. Miles

    I’ve just started considering this type of weapon. I mostly an older model wooden stock carbine kind of guy.

  126. James Turner

    Great gun.thanks for the chance to win something they are trying to take away from us.

  127. Forrest Alley Jr

    We the People need all the AR we can get our hands on, and the M&P is one I would love to get my hands on.

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    this would certainly beat my little 22 that’s missing the tube after my son had it refurbished and ordered another tube the guy who refurbished it kept the tube and I never got the new one either, this would be nice lol good luck to all!!!!!

  130. Damon Smithen

    Would love to win an AR. Building my first one right now. Love to have one for the wife.

  131. Danny Robb

    I appreciate all you do to help keep our 2nd Amendment right to keep and bear arms. I believe we will need them in the near future, to protect this land we love. Thanks again and keep up the good work.

  132. Gary

    I have never owned or even fired an AR. I have shot an AK. This would be nice to add to my prepper stuff.

  133. james mccabe

    Ar is my dream game. Would love to own it for sport and hunting . All around great guns

  134. ryan sweat

    I get to shoot a friend some but would even be better to have one of my own good luck everyone happy shooting

  135. Antonio

    I have never won a thing,this would be a nice gun. For my to WIN ,

  136. JMass_M14

    What a GREAT way to start up a business… by giving away a DREAM GUN!!! Best of luck to all who stop by and enter!!

  137. David L South Jr

    I would love to have one of these , I’ve just not had the money to get one, I’m 41yrs old an have layed brick all my life an now I’m broke down an had to get an easier job with less pay. I have guns that’s 25 yrs old that still look new. I take pride in my guns an the NRA that’s helped protect gun owners like me. Ty NRA!!!!!

  138. John

    Love the M&P line of firearms .22, 22A, .45, would love to add the 15 to my growing M&P collection.

  139. Gary Huffman

    Hey, Don’t have one!!!! I always have room for another!!

  140. Christy Champion

    When I try to share via the FB link, it’s blank…….?

  141. Ken Knorr

    Some browsers have trouble getting the link that way. You can grab the link from the email and post it up manually though – it works fine that way. Thanks.

  142. Henry

    Me to…mine takes me back to Facebook when I try and share from the contest page.

  143. Ken Knorr

    Sometimes certain browsers and devices have trouble with the link from the contest page. We do send along the same link in an email though, and you can paste that in to share it anywhere.

  144. Jackie

    Entered but it would not let me get the URL to post for extra entries.

  145. Ken Knorr

    The URL will come to you in an email. Please let us know if you do not get it, thanks!

  146. Ryan

    I Own an ak-47 but dream about the accuracy of an ar-15 i stand firm with our second amendment and would love to add one of these to my “In case of homeland and constitutional tyranny” Collection =P

  147. Debbie Newell

    Thank You for This Chance!1 Someone’s Dream is About to Come True

  148. Bill Moore

    S&W MP15 is about as good as it gets especially for basic AR15. I’ve used S&W stripped lowers/uppers for many builds w/very little fine tuning for feed,ejection,or fit problems using various makers parts.

  149. Tim Knight

    I have always wanted an AR but If I win this I plan on giving to my son that’s a Police officer in ATL, officers there can have an AR with them if they purchase the guns Themselves, Fingers crossed

  150. Fred M Dotson Jr

    I have never won anything and I don’t expect to win this, but i will always support anyone that furthers our Second Amendment Right to Own and Keep Firearms. Thank you

  151. Chester Shinkle

    Same thing happened to me could not copy the url to get extra entries. Oh well one entry should be good enough. Thanks alot like and love The Gunshop. Keep up the good work!!! :-) :-) :-)

  152. Ken Knorr

    Just make sure to check your email – you should have a reply from us there with your link – if not, make sure to check your spam folder just in case. Thanks!

  153. joe

    Would love to win this. I’m a beginning gun collector. Well I only have a moss 500 for home defense as of right now. Please help me out for my collection.

  154. Kevin Connelly

    Just entered and hoping to win. I’ve actually spent some time in Mt. Dora, as my parents used to live there. Nice little town.

  155. awalkerrn

    Yup, I’d love to own this. Wish I could afford to buy one :(

  156. Carl Carlson

    Love to win it. Excellent giveaway prize. I will definitely be shopping at your web site.

  157. Patricia Thomas

    I’ve posted this on my page but when I came here it said I had no entries so I hope I didn’t just mess up by entering again….. Aaaaugh! I can’t remember if I actually entered it before or just posted it on my giveaway page… sigh,,, it’s tough being blonde to your brain stem! LOL

  158. Gregg Holder

    Awesome weapon would be a nice compliment to my Glock 21

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