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pink beretta


Win a Beretta Nano – June – July 2014


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  1. Mark

    what do you do if you entered the wrong email address ( stuck key) the address entered (-edited out- 0 ) is wrong

  2. walter forst

    this is a very good way to shop for fire arms and ammo

  3. Ken Knorr

    Just go ahead and fill in the correct email address on another entry and it will work fine for you. Thank you.

  4. Ray Langer

    This is great for me who is having a hard time finding .22 LR rounds.

  5. mcclave

    I entered to win 2 days ago and came back today to share again and it said I had 0 entries. Going to be hard to win like that! LOL!

  6. Diane Williams

    I’d Love to be sporting this new gun at the range!!!! I wanna win!!!!

  7. James C Barcliff Sr

    Beretta is one of the go to guns whether it is Pocket Conceal Carry or the larger waste holstered weapon, when you demand a weapon to protect you and your family, BERETTA GUNS, are it !!!

  8. Ken Knorr

    No worries, we have your entries. The website will only show the entries on the computer / browser that signed up. If you wish, you can re-sign up using the same information and it will setup your other computer / browser to show your entries there too. Thanks!

  9. James Whitaker

    As a leader in a Venture Scout Troop we have had an unusually large group of women and young ladies ask and join the Troop just so they can learn how to safely and effectively shoot pistols and rifles because they are interested in self protection for themselves and their families. Yes we teach safety as paramount . After bench time with 22LR they have the chance to choose from several other firearms for more 1 ON 1 training and the Beretta Nano would certainly be a great option ! ! ! ! ! Thank You for offering up a great opportunity for a Great Firearm . !

  10. Michelle Bassett

    This is definitely a gun for me! I am a 2 time breast cancer survivor and absolutely love the color pink!

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